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Green Bay, Wisconsin

Pest Control/Lawn Care

TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros

100 S Buchanan St

Green Bay, WI, 54303

State License # 103787

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Bed Bugs


Pulaski, Wisconsin

Pest Control/Lawn Care

TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros

553 Rosemary Dr

Pulaski, WI, 54162

State License # 78104


100% Free Home Inspections

Bed Bug Extermination

Titletown Lawn & Pest Pros has extensive training and certification to exterminate over 200 species of pests from both residential and commercial properties. If your dealing with Ants, Bed Bugs, Bees, Flies, Mice, Mosquitoes, Rats, Raccoons, Silverfish, Spiders, and so many more, give us a call today!



TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros is a family run Pest Control Company located in both Green Bay and Pulaski, Wisconsin. We are fully certified and licensed to perform those services in Wisconsin & Michigan. Servicing both residential and commercial properties alike, we consider all of our customers family. When we come for service, we treat every job as if it were our own property and don't mind going above and beyond what is required. Our dedicated team believes strongly in being on time and fixing your problem the FIRST time. Call us today and Pest Control will never be a headache you have to deal with again!

Commercial Pest Control


Whether it's Apartments, Hotels, Gas stations, Banks, and so many more TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros can help give your property that appeal over the competition that you've been searching for. On top of the professional appeal our services provide to you, there are numerous other benefits to be had, from having pest control done on a proper schedule. With climate change and world travel so abundant in our present day, pests of all kinds now have the ability to "move in". Most are harmless, some aren't, but all infestations get worse the longer you wait. Through our specialized IPM programs, pests are one thing your customers never see. Call us today before you business is on the line, due to a law suit, from some random spider you've never heard of.


To see a full list of our Commercial Services CLICK HERE

Residential Pest Control


Even though we specialize in Commercial Pest Control our residential customers make up the true family feeling of our business. Whether it be a one-time service or an on-going relationship we take care of you as if your family. If it's a Creepy Crawly, Rodent, Critter, Hippo showed up in your living room nightmare your dealing with, give us a call. We're happy to help you through it and show you just how top notch and caring our services truly are.


To see a full list of our Residential Services CLICK HERE


Do you want an honest in-person opinion of your pest situation? Do you also want it for FREE?

Here at TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros we offer 100% free home inspections. We don't feel as if you should have to pay to know what is going on in your home. It really just adds one more headache, that we don't want you to have to deal with. Our customers are family to us and we're here to help.  Call us today and find out exactly what those creepy, nasty, disgusting pests are that are keeping you awake at night.




TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros

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Bed Bugs: (920)-609-9801


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