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Professional bed bug treatment

Bed Bug Extermination

What's the first thing people do when they think they have Bed Bugs?

They get on the internet and search what is a Bed Bug. They then ask themselves, what they did to deserve this horrible bug and all the sleepless nights it brings with it. Bed Bugs are worse than your average bug to have in your house and if left untreated, can cause serious damage to your health, as well as your home. They're a small parasitic insect, that feeds on both humans and pets. By laying 3-5 eggs a day, they can take over your house quite quickly. 

Bed Bugs are reddish-brown in color, wingless, range from 1mm to 5mm, and can live serval months without feeding or moving. Your body actually emits CO2 when you exhale and that is what a Bed Bug senses to seek you out. Their peak activity time for them to feed is 12AM to 5AM, due to the CO2 having time to build up in the room your sleeping in. If you are seeing Bed Bugs during the day, out and about, then your situation is most likely worse then you think. Give us a call, we'll come inspect for free and give you an honest opinion of your situation. 

Now that you've realized Bed Bugs are very real and the bed time stories about them are too, lets start from the beginning.

How did you get Bed Bugs?

Over seas shipping and world travel are the two leading causes of the rising Bed Bug epidemic. Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, and even Public Transportation Systems are infested with them. You can get them as easy as sitting in a chair at the movie theater or even walking through the grocery store. They are a Hitchhiker Insect similar to a flea. When you brush up against objects that infested people have as well, Eggs, Nymphs, and Adults can transfer to you. 

If you live in a Multi-unit Complex, you could be a victim of neighbors passing them off to you, through common areas or walls. If this is your situation, unfortunately the problem will never be solved, until all infested areas receive treatment. Call today to receive a discount on bulk pricing.


Where are they hiding out?

Bed Bugs feed every 5 to 10 days, but can go several months without eating or even moving. It is in their nature to want to sit in one spot and not move unless they have to. They also like to be touching something on as many sides as possible, so they really get into those hard to find places.

Generally they like to hide as close to their food source as possible, so Headboards, Side Tables, and Box Springs/Mattresses are the most common areas. If you try to sleep on your couch or in another room thinking your out smarting them, YOU'RE NOT. This will actually make your situation worse as they will travel along your baseboards to your new "bed" and lay eggs the whole way.


If you are wanting to perform your own thorough inspection you MUST be very gentle when searching or you will spread the infestation. Carefully peel back layers of linens, searching for Blood Smears, Fecal Stains, Shed Skins, or live Bed Bugs. Inspect all seams and tags on furniture, mattresses, and pillows. Take a card or knife and slide it along the underside of your trim pieces/baseboards. You should also pay close attention to screw holes on the back of head boards or side tables. Be sure to examine clothes, as well as the drawers they are in. Lastly if they are in your walls, usually you can find signs of them on the back of wall socket covers or inside the socket boxes themselves. 

Scent Detection Canines are not the answer, when wanting to determine if you have Bed Bugs. Click Here to find out the ugly truth about Bed Bug Dogs.


Why, not to rush to the store and waste money?

Lots of people think that they can read something on the internet and come up with a plan to get rid of Bed Bugs themselves, with store bought items. STOP. The only pest control item you should ever buy from a store is, maybe an Insect Sticky Trap (if it releases a pheromone). 99% of the time you are going to waste your money and make our job harder when you do call us.

If you are thinking about Bug Bombing your place, DO NOT. It will only contact the surface air and drive the Bed Bugs deeper into your Furniture, Carpets, and/or Walls.

If you choose to spray them with chemical, most likely you will get a bunch the first round. When it's time for round 2 though, all the Bed Bugs that were resistant the first time, now bred and their babies will be resistant just as their parents were.

There are many other home remedies out there that you can try, such as, extensive vacuuming and laundering of everything possible on the highest heat. You can also use Isopropyl Alcohol to dry out eggs or Diatomaceous Earth to kill adults and nymphs. These home remedies and lots of others have worked for people, but the chances of success are very low.

The average person that discovers they have bed bugs, has already had them for at least three weeks. When you bring home that lone female Bed Bug, it is almost impossible to detect, even for the best trained Scent Detection Dog. She will only come out one time before she starts laying eggs and those eggs will hatch anywhere from 7 to 30 days later. Unless you confront your Bed Bug infestation within this 3 week window, home remedies will not even stand a chance and you will waste a lot of money, time, and energy.


How do we kill Bed Bugs in 24 hours?

Here at TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros we've mastered the skill of exterminating Bed Bugs, in all stages. Using heat is the one true way you can feel confident, that you've got every last one of them. It is a chemical free technique that they cannot build a resistance too. 


With our 24 Hour Slow Bake Heat System, you don't have to worry anymore about throwing things out, like your couch or mattress. Simply remove the few items listed on our Heat Treatment Checklist and you can be Bed Bug free by, hotel checkout time the next day. By heating the infested area above 120 degrees, the heat permeates through everything inside, killing all stages of Bed Bugs. To achieve these temperatures we use a combination of electric heaters and fans, unlike other heating methods that require combustible gases and only heat surface air. 


Sensors are placed around the treatment area to measure the ambient air at all times. Alerts are sent every 10 minutes via text message to our technician's phone to monitor the temperature and ensure the treatment is working properly.


Studies show that it takes a minimum of 112 degrees for 1 hour to kill Bed Bugs. Any company that uses propane heat can tell you that. What they won't tell you though, is that when doing the whole treatment in 6-7 hours, they're crossing their fingers on whether it's going to work. They can definitely achieve the desired temperature, but most of the time they do it way to fast. When the temperature rises too fast, the Bed Bugs notice and will actually burrow deeper into your carpets, walls, or linens. As a bonus, since the treatment time is so short, only the surface air has been heated and you have done nothing to get the eggs that could be INSIDE your box spring, couch, etc. 

By using electric power instead of a combustible/expensive gas we spend roughly 9 hours getting the infested area up to the "Kill Zone". By heating the air at a much slower rate, it ensures that the Bed Bugs don't know what's happening and they die right where they're at. After we reach our mark, we let everything "Heat Soak" for the remainder of the treatment. That allows us to get deep inside objects and kill all stages of Bed Bugs, no matter where they are hiding. 


Our 24 Hour Slow Bake System really is the safest and most effective way to exterminate Bed Bugs. This has been proven through, the hundreds of happy customers and successful treatments we have had. We understand that dealing with Bed Bugs can be hard and it's not something you generally want to do, so just give us a call and you won't have to worry again!


Bed Bug Infestations are more common then people think. If you think you might have an infestation or would like more information about our industry leading equipment, call us at (920)-609-9801 or email us at

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