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Green Bay, Wisconsin

Pest Control/Lawn Care

TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros

100 S Buchanan St

Green Bay, WI, 54303

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Pulaski, Wisconsin

Pest Control/Lawn Care

TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros

553 Rosemary Dr

Pulaski, WI, 54162

State License # 78104


Ssshhh... Do you hear something crawling around your walls, attic, or basement?

Look around... Do you have unsanitary fece pellets or insulation pulled out of places it shouldn't?

We exterminate a lot of bugs here at TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros.... And I mean a lot! However, due to the sanitary conditions of our cities now a days Rodent Control and Rodent Removal actually makes up 60% of our workload.

You know what a rodent is right? It's a sneaky, little, 4 legged creature that will drive you crazy wondering if its really there, Sure it'll leave signs that it was like; feces all over your house or nibbles out of your delicious cookies, but most likely you won't see them. They're very good at hiding and will drive you nuts trying to get them out yourself. Call us first and save yourself a lot of headache and money. 

Bed Bug Extermination

The rodents that decide to start their new families in your lovely home or business aren't always the usual ones you'd think of. In our line of work, we come into contact with some weird ones that make for some pretty interesting stories. Our most common are Deer Mice, House Mice, Black Rats, and Roof Rats, because they can get through the smallest of places and have no problem eating their way to where they want. Studies show that a mouse can fit through a 1/4 inch hole and rats a 1/2 inch hole. 

But what about the not so average ones? Sure Mice and Rats make up majority of our rodent work, but we've found Squirrels, Skunks, Opossums, and even Raccoons who have made their homes in some very unpleasant places. From attics to basements and in the walls in between, rodents can cause serious damages to your home, that you may not even know is happening. If you wait long enough, sure, maybe they will find their way outside and find a nicer home. Maybe one where the occupants don't try to hit them with baseball bats. Maybe though, they decide to stay and chew through that electrical line during the last 10 seconds of the packer game... Is that worth the risk?

Give us a call today before it becomes a problem, that you may regret. We give you the full what, how, and why of your situation. And we do it for FREE!


THE WHAT: It's important to first know exactly what it is your dealing with. Although all rodents have similar qualities to determine them as rodents, Treatment for them can vastly differ. Based off of signs they leave behind, we determine exactly what it is that's living with you.


THE HOW: Just how did that Chihuahua sized creature of disease get into the wall behind your headboard? As we do a very thorough outdoor inspection, for any cracks, crevices, or holes as small as a 1/4 inch, we will point out all possible entry points and the best way to get them sealed up. If it's something you can do yourself with a simple trip to the hardware store, we'll let you know. It not only saves you money, but helps us build a better relationship for the future.

THE WHY: One of our most commonly asked questions is the why. Out of all the houses on this street, why did they choose mine? There are numerous different reasons though that your house could be more appealing then your neighbors. Rodents don't look for the same things humans do, when deciding to move into a new home. They don't care if the drapes are purple and that matches with the couch. They look for food, water, and easy access. Trash cluttered around the outside of your house or decorative ponds in the backyard are two main causes for attracting rodent pests into your yard. Most of the time THE WHY falls on the customer to fix, but we do assist in anyway possible.

Our specialized IPM programs are 100% safe and 100% effective. Despite our profession we do still have a deep love for animals, so trapping and containment methods are used when possible. We also never expect you to have to touch your pest, live or dead. They will always be removed by TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros and properly disposed of or released into their natural environment.

TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros

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If you think you might be dealing with a rodent infestation in your home or business or want to prevent it before it starts, call TitleTown Lawn & Pest Pros today to schedule a 100% FREE INSPECTION.